International Junior Elite Membership



The objective of establishing the Oak Valley International Junior Elite Membership is to bring all juniors, parents, and coaches together to work as a TEAM. A common goal, combined with a sense of camaraderie and team spirit, can propel each individual much further than if he was to work alone, which is why Oak Valley promotes teamwork as the foundation for our members’ success.

With our experienced teaching staff, bilingual administrative assistants, and an upscale training facility, we believe we can build a friendly atmosphere of a big family and prepare each junior golfer for success in tournaments, the Academy, and life.


Membership Policies & Procedures

  • International Junior Elite Membership is open to all Oak Valley Golf Academy students under the age of 18.
  • Membership is based on the fiscal year and expires one year after the date of acceptance.
  • All applicants must complete the Oak Valley International Junior Elite Membership application form and pay the membership fee in full to become a member. An applicant becomes a member upon receipt of the membership certificate.
  • Membership dues are non-refundable and non-transferrable after your membership application has been processed.
  • Oak Valley International Junior Elite Membership uses a five-level ranking system. Members must pass the required tests at all levels in order to receive a certificate.
  • Oak Valley Golf Academy reserves the right to refuse any membership applications or to change membership requirements.

Membership Benefits

  • Oak Valley Golf Academy will provide members with educational consulting services, such as how to apply to U.S. high schools & colleges.
  • Members and their parents are invited to attend counseling seminars and workshops regularly.
  • Oak Valley Golf Academy will provide members with junior golf consulting services.
  • OVGA assists members in arranging Southern California PGA Junior Tour tournaments, as well as other junior tournaments in the U.S. (members shall pay tournament fees and related costs).
  • Members will receive updated junior tournament information.
  • Members have priority in participating in Oak Valley Golf Academy events and tournaments.
  • The top two players at each level will receive honorary recognition awards from OVGA.
  • Members will receive an Oak Valley Logo Cap, Nametag, and Ball Marker.
  • Members will receive a 10% discount on all Oak Valley Golf Club merchandise and restaurant.