Our strong management team provides total administrative support for all academy activities to include golf, tournaments, schooling and general living conditions. Each member is bilingual to ensure there is no language barrier problem. Specific tournament guidance will include proper placement in the correct level of competition for golfing advancement. College placement assistance includes developing a personal portfolio and counseling to match the golfing and academic needs with the best possible university.



With more than 80 years of combined teaching experiences, OVGA certified golf instructors provided an indivisualized comprehensive program that focuses on every aspect of the game of golf including mechanical, physical, analytical, and psychological concepts.



Our expert physical, mental, and nutritional coaches provide their extensive knowledge and experience to our students, helping them in developing healthy bodies and strong mental approach to the game. We also use the world renowned AMM 3D Swing Analysis System to help more closely identify the weaknesses in our students. Using the results of the system, we can manipulate minor changes to see the most positive results in our elite level players.



Oak Valley provides the best facilities and services for students to practice golf skills and apply in tournaments. Our private instruction area is over 130,000 square feet, beautiful real grass driving range and 18 holes golf course.