Huey Yu


Huey Yu



Mr. Huey-Min Yu was born in Haikou, China in 1949 and was raised in Taiwan. Mr. Yu obtained his bachelor's degree in Business Administration at Texas A&M University, and graduated with a Master of Science in Accountancy at the University of Houston. He began his professional career as a Certified Public Accountant in 1980, and he has been an entrepreneur in the real estate, golf, and hotel industries for more than twenty years.

In 1997, Mr. Yu purchased Oak Valley Golf Club and established the Oak Valley Golf Academy shortly thereafter. He has always had a passionate vision of helping ethnic minorities so that they can compete in professional golf tournaments. He set up golf training programs, scholarship programs, and sponsorship programs to attract various outstanding golfers in Asia. Notable Chinese lady golfers such as Hong-mei Yang, Li-ying Ye, Wei Li, Tao-li Yang, and Xiao-long Zhong have attended Oak Valley Golf Academy's training programs. Ms. Hong-mei Yang is the first lady golf player from mainland China to ever win a professional golf tournament in the United States (2004 IOS Future Golf Classic). Ms. Hong-mei Yang, along with Ms. Li-Ying Ye, were also the first lady players from mainland China to compete in the U.S. Women's Open.

Mr. Yu also dedicates time to developing junior golf training programs. Oak Valley is currently working with the AJGA and SCPGA on junior tournaments. Oak Valley Golf Academy provides junior golfers with unique learning opportunities and access to facilities so that they can pursue their ambitions in the realms of both golf and academia, and is open to golfers of all ages and levels of experience. Oak Valley Golf Academy is your stepping-stone to success.