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Junior Programs

In order to properly prepare players for top-level competition, Oak Valley Golf Academy has developed a proven system to properly analyze and address the needs for all areas in the game of golf. Exploring all around improvement and consistency, Oak Valley Golf Academy will seek to improve all areas of the game; not merely technical swing issues.


  • Swin Analysis Stage

    Building from solid fundamentals, Oak Valley Golf Academy stresses the advantage of teaching students as individuals, with differing swings, techniques, and styles of play. It is because of this that out instructors do not teach to one correct swing as some others clearly emphasize. An observer may only look to the best players in the world on the PGA Tour to see differing swings and techniques to get to the top levels of the game. Our world-recognized instructors have the knowledge of the golf swing to help different students with different needs. Using a host of advantages as training aids, and the AMM 3D swing analysis system our instructors will assist students in the swing-analysis stage to build a better golf swing that holds under the rigorous pressure of top-level competitive golf.


  • Complete Short Game Stage

    It is our belief that a developed short game is the key to consistency in the game of golf. It is not everyday when a player hits great shots or makes all the correct decisions. A confident short game will turn poor rounds into a manageable score and a good round into an impressive score. Our staff has a host of techniques and drills as well as a keen eye for mistakes to improve all areas of our student’s short games. Whether it is putting, bunker play, chipping, or wedge shots that seem to be the setback, we can help in all areas.


  • Course Management Stage

    A majority in the process of turning an average golfer into a top-level golfer is his or her ability to make the correct decisions on the golf course. Assessing lies, club selection, and shot selection are just a few of the categories that make up course management. Our instructors are glad to take the time to spend with our students playing on the course. We believe there are too many important details that occur during the round to not be addressed with our players. It is during this the course-management stage where we continue to see a rapid jump of improvement in our developing players.


  • Mental Preparation Stage

    A more valid statement has never been said than the belief that every game of golf is played on a six-inch course between the ears. Preparing our students for the mental severity of the game of golf is always one of our focal concerns. Positive thinking, player confidence, and decision conviction are always an ongoing battle with any golfer and we make it a scheduled point with all of our academy students to make sure their thinking is the right thinking.


  • Physical Preparation Stage

    As golf fitness becomes a must in training programs, Oak Valley Golf Academy has too followed the trend, and is working diligently in providing the best fitness opportunities for our Academy Students. Oak Valley Golf Academy will have access workout facilities located within walking distance from Oak Valley Golf Club. Academy students will be able to use the facilities of the Oak Valley Holiday Inn Express’ workout facility. Furthermore, if students choose to do so they have the opportunity to seek the advice and planning of the top golf-specific trainer in Inland Empire area. Personal training program that has been successful for many golf tour professionals is available by special arrangement.


  • Tournament Participation

    Beyond the course another main focus in the field of scheduling is that of tournament recognition. At Oak Valley Golf Academy we are unmistakably attentive to the best tournaments, both locally and nationally. The tournaments that we assist our players to participate in will double as stepping-stones for future progression while also producing positive results against the top players in the country for national recognition. Because of our acute awareness we also have the ability to position some Oak Valley Golf Academy Students into invitation-only national tournaments.


  • College Enrollment Assistance

    Always striving to give our students every viable assistance on and off of the golf course, Oak Valley Golf Academy has developed its own player portfolio system which gathers resume information such as participation in peak-level events, and past positive results to help our students get invites into selected tournaments. Oak Valley Golf Academy’s player portfolio system has also allowed us to place players at top colleges around the country to play in all divisions of college golf. The valued reputation of OVGA has continued to prove positive in allowing our students to take the next step up in their golfing professions.